Friday, March 8, 2013

Date Night Outfit.

When shopping I usually go for timeless pieces. As I mentioned in an older post, I try to think of many occasions where I could wear this item rather than an imaginary place in my head. I TRY to be realistic with most of my purchases, but don't get me wrong, I have many pairs of shoes that I "had to have" sitting in my closet waiting for the perfect moment LOL.
You just can't go wrong with a nude heel. To me they are timeless. They will match practically 90% of your wardrobe and look super chic. I had bought a pair about 3-4 years ago from Forever 21. I love them, they are my go to heels. They are patent nude sling backs with maybe a 3" inch heel? They are not super tall and pretty comfortable (making them practical for a heel).

I have been wanting higher nude platforms for awhile, but did not find anything I like. I am talking the low income Victoria Beckham version...well I found them at They are 4-5" inches and not the easiest thing to walk in. You know the type you wear to a dinner party or function where you will be sitting most of the time! They are cute nonetheless ;)

My wardrobe tends to bend towards neutrals and natural shades. I am in love with the soft blush colors and again, this would work well in the winter with a black skirt and tights or in the summer with a pair of white pants. For $13.99, I am able to wear this shirt all through the year...dressing it up or keeping it casual.

PS-  Just have to address the hair situation since I have heard some things through the grapevine...I am NOT wearing extensions in these photos, that is my real hair (it has gotten pretty long!) I also do not wear it straight that often, but for some reason this night it was working for me :)

Top: F21
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Just Fab
Bag: Michael Kors

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