Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Oscars Best Dressed!

I was busy out shopping, but got home just in time to catch some of the Red Carpet. First, too many of these women have played it safe this year or stuck to their usual looks...(yawn). I have a few favorites down below. Cutest couple goes out to the Tatum's (I can't wait to see what that baby looks like)! There were many many many looks that I hated, however I refuse to show on my blog so I will just name some names...#1 definitely goes to Brandi Glanville followed by Jane Fonda; Anne Hathaway and Kelly Rowland. I heard them mention Helen Hunt was in H & M, umm it was wrinkle city and so non-glam, not the occasion to wear that honey.

I will be watching the show here and there...the Walking Dead comes on tonight and that trumps this show in my house ;)

Photos from Us Magazine/ Getty Images
Charlize Theron in Dior - Jessica Chastain in Armani & Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton.


  1. Jessica Chastain was gorgeous, and I hate that Theron looks that perfect with basicallt no hair, but my favorite was Jennifer Lawrence (if I ever went to the Oscars, I'd go big and princessy like her lol). Did not like Anne AT ALL! The chest area seam made it look like her nipples were showing.

  2. Jennifer Lawrence was beautiful, favorite part of her look was the back necklace. Many of the various fashion sites and shows gave an online poll and viewers votes her best dressed. I also loved her second gown she changed into for the after parties.