Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beaching it.

Today was a good ole' fashion beach day, followed by some homemade ice cream from the Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor. Since I got my hair dyed the day before I left for vacation, I was worried about going straight into the sun with it. Also, I wash my hair so much on vacation...another problem with a brand new dye job. My hair dresser's advice was to keep it wet and conditioned, tied up and covered. So I did just seemed to work out nicely and kept me cool. I wore my fedora, to keep my bangs from annoying me. It was a good choice , because the wind kicked up here and there.

Pre-beach routine.

Pre-beach and while at the beach, I applied sunscreen and lip balm (with spf). I have been trying to watch what I eat, mostly because I hate how bad food makes me feel (sluggish) so I ate a nice healthy breakfast and resisted the chips at the beach and ate some strawberries and an apple. Usually I am craving salty foods (chips or french fries). After relaxing on the beach, my sister and I were pretty energized so we went for a run...we did about a mile (I wasn't THAT energized). I dont mind working out, but I hate running. I think being in a beach town though definitely takes your mind off of it ;)

Beach essentials.

After the beach and after a great shower. There is nothing better than moisturizing your face with this Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer and Bananna Boat's After Sun Lotion. I tried thousands of moisturizers, from really expensive to really cheap...nothing did what it said. The Neutrogena product for combination skin did! It feels so light and I use it everyday.

Post beach routine.

The salt water in the air was a little too much for me today to bring out my camera, so sorry my phone pics will have to do for now!

Fedora: Target
Sunnies: Target
Bathing Suit: Victoria's Secret

Top: Papaya
Shorts: Abercrombie and Fitch
Flip Flops: Target
Bag: Michael Kors

Top: Baby Gap
Shorts: Carters
Shoes: Tom's

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