Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Vacation Recap.

So sorry my blog babies, it has been exactly 18 days since I made a post! I am horrible. In my defense I was on vacation for about 23 days :) Let's see where to start...I started in NY (home sweet home) and then headed with my family to our annual summer destination, CAPE COD! (I love it there, which I already briefly spoke about in my previous post)

After our New England vacation commenced, my sister headed back to Texas with me for another vacation. It was her first time seeing my new life and seeing Texas itself. Like myself, she expected it to be very country and well...very Texan. Growing up in NY, you already have pre-conceived notions of the South and of Texas. Thankfully, my new home is just lovely and although it is not NY, it is treating me just fine.

We are beach babies at heart and I haven't seen too much of the Gulf Coast here, so we started in Port Aransas. It was super pretty and the water was so warm. I honestly never go in the ocean, but I did here. We went horseback riding on the beach, something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. It was pretty awesome riding a horse down the beach. My only regret was the time frame we went. I wish we would have waited another few months until it was as hot out to go. After the beach we went to San Antonio and then just shopped around Houston.

Below are some photos of my fashion photos will be up this weekend. Thanks for visiting!



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